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PENTECOST 7                 July 8, 2018

Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church

Wisconsin Synod

Pastor Stephen Smith…682-1878    Sunday Service…9:30 a.m.

Church Telephone   682-4573

Organists…………… Mrs. Karen Davis

WELCOME, VISITORS: We are glad you could be with us and we welcome you back any time. Please sign our guest register in the narthex/entry.

PRAYER: God of all power and might, You are the giver of all that is good. Help us love You with all our heart, strengthen us in true faith, provide us with all we need and keep us safe in Your care. Amen.

HYMNS: 156, 403, 280, 618 vs 4&5

ORDER OF SERVICE: Service of the Word, page 38ff



FIRST LESSON: Ezekiel 2:1-5

How lowly God appears and how weak that Word and its preacher, since dust and ashes have the power refuse Him and reject it. Never- theless men will know that God was among them in His Word by those few who receive it and ultimately in its triumph on the last day.

PSALM OF THE DAY: Psalm 143 on page 118

The Psalm progresses from a cry for rescue to a cry for the gift of submission and obedience.

SECOND LESSON: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

God wants His servants to know weakness in their service, lest eh effectiveness or the success of the lowly Word be ascribed to the servant and not the Word. The servant of the Word needs to learn before all others the saving power of that lowly Word in his own heart and life. He learns it only from the power of grace in the Word itself.

GOSPEL: Mark 6:1-6

Behold our humble Savior with His lowly Word. He endures it with patience and sadness that many reject Him.

THE SERMON: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

THEME: Consider the Stakes




Today 11 AM Retirement Pot-luck Brunch for Pastor Smith

4-6 PM Afternoon Retirement reception

Monday 2 PM Bible Class at Lila’s

Saturday 9-3 PM One-Day VBS Build on the Rock

Next Sunday 11 AM (somewhere around this time) Pre-call meeting

with District President Klatt (see below)

After meeting, ENDOWMENT FUND meeting



OUR 2018 ONE-DAY VBS Build on the Rock, will be from 9 AM to 3 PM on this coming Sat, July 14th. To register, call Pastor or Julie Gutknecht. There are door-hanger invitations in the narthex.

PRE-CALL MEETING The District President, Pastor Dennis Klatt, plants to come here for a pre-call meeting after our Worship Service on Sunday, July 15th. Barb and I plan to have cake and coffee for everyone right after church. The meeting will take about an hour and start around 10:45 – 11 AM. The meeting is for EVERYONE in the congregation! It is important that you come! Agenda includes Bible Study, break-out groups, vacancy and calling information.

THE GARAGE SALE CHAIRS would like to sincerely thank everyone who donated items, their time and/or shopped this year’s sale. Minus the advertising expenses of $38.60, the total proceeds were $1529.60 which will be deposited in the General Fund.

FOR THE LORD’S WORK AT HOME July 1 General $1731.00, Salem Lutheran School $10.