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PENTECOST 13                                                         Aug 19, 2018

Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church

Wisconsin Synod

                                                  Guest Pastor Rev. Jon Ladner                                            Organist Mrs. Karen Davis

                                                  Sunday Service 9:30 a.m.                                                    Church Telephone 682-4573

WELCOME, VISITORS: We are glad you could be with us and we welcome you back any time. Please sign our guest register in the narthex.

PRAYER: Almighty and merciful God, it is only by Your gift of grace that we come into Your presence and offer true and faithful service. Grant that our worship on earth always be pleasing to You. In the life to come give us the fulfillment of what You have promised. Amen.

HYMNS: 283, 185, 610, 314/309, 331 (v.1&3)

ORDER OF SERVICE: Common Service with Communion, page 15ff



FIRST LESSON: Proverbs 9:1-6

Christ Himself is that wisdom here personified. He has built His house, the Church, in which He provides the richest food of all, the only real food for the soul. Heed the call of wisdom and feed on Him in the word.

PSALM OF THE DAY: Psalm 1 page 64

May we always be where wisdom is the food of the soul! For there alone is God’s blessing to be found and the righteousness He gives in the saving food of His Word.

SECOND LESSON: Ephesians 5:15-20

Either we walk in folly or in wisdom. Those whose food is wisdom walk with God. Their path is one of understanding and joy, even in evil times.

GOSPEL: John 6:51-58

Those who imagine that the only food is physical and temporal feed their souls on bread that perishes. As the bread perishes and leaves the soul empty, so its eaters perish. But those whose food is Christ Himself and His Word of the gospel, eat a bread that lasts forever.

THE SERMON: John 6:51-58

THEME: Satisfaction Guaranteed!




Sunday Church Council Meeting, 7 p.m.

Monday Fishers, (see flier) 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Julie’s

Tuesday Combined Outreach/Activities/Ladies Fellowship meeting, 7 p.m. (rescheduled from last week)



PASTORAL VACANCY UPDATE: Rev. Bruce Janisch has accepted our call to serve as Vacancy Pastor. His phone number is 763-232-6826 or email Rev. Joel Thomford has acknowledged receipt of our call for him to serve as our pastor. He encourages us to contact him with our questions or comments. His phone number is 1-989-297-1382 or email Going to Zion’s website will also allow you to hear a number of Pastor Thomford’s recent sermons at A contact card with information for both pastors is available on the marble table in the narthex.

FOR THE LORD’S WORK: Aug. 5—General $1,950, Salem Lutheran School $25; Aug. 12—General $1,852, Improvement $59, West Lutheran HS $60.

SPECIAL THANKS TO PASTOR JON LADNER for his messages from God’s Word over these last few weeks. His service to Immanuel has been a blessing.

CONSIDER A WALK IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS: Pastor Janisch will lead a trip to the Holy Land, April 1-10. See the insert and details on the west narthex bulletin board.