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PENTECOST 17                 Oct 1, 2017

Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church

Wisconsin Synod

Pastor Stephen Smith..682-1878    Sunday Service…9:30 a.m.

Church Telephone…682-4573    Sunday School…10:30a.m.

Organists……………….Mrs. Karen Davis

WELCOME, VISITORS: We are glad you could be with us and we welcome you back any time. Please sign our guest register in the narthex/entry.

PRAYER: Lord, we pray that Your mercy and grace may always go before and follow after us that, loving You with undivided hearts, we may be ready for every good and useful work. Amen.

HYMNS: 309, 493, 303, 569/460, 585 vs 3-4

ORDER OF SERVICE: the Common Service, p 15ff



FIRST LESSON: Genesis 50:15-21

Although Joseph’s brothers had sinned by selling him into slavery, when their father died, Joseph did not retaliate. Rather, he saw the gracious hand of God in that event, forgave his brothers, calmed their fears and spoke kindly to them.

PSALM OF THE DAY: Psalm 103 on page 105

The Lord is to be praised because He has not treated as our sins deserve. He has provided cleansing for our souls.

SECOND LESSON: Romans 14:5-9

God’s Word neither commands nor forbids such things as dietary restrictions and holy days. Rather than judge a brother in matters of indifference, we must recognize that we serve the same Master in this life and in the life to come.

GOSPEL: Matthew 18:21-35

It is impossible for an unforgiving person to live in fellowship with a God who has unconditionally forgiven him. Those who rejoice in the Master’s grace will truly forgive those who sin against them.

THE SERMON: Genesis 50:15-21

THEME: What Does Repentance Mean in our Daily Lives?




Monday 2 PM Bible Class – Lila’s

Wednesday 6:00 PM Confirmation Class

Thursday 6:00 PM “Jesus Cares”

Friday 10 AM Chapel at Cottagewood

7:00 PM Choir




UNITED WAY campaigns for 2017-2018 have a “Donor Option” to designate money to go to places like Wis. Lutheran Child and Family Service, the Lutheran Home in Belle Plaine or LIMA in Austin MN.

HURRICANE RELIEF Today is the last day for plate collection for victims of Harvey and Irma. Put in glass jar in narthex.

FOR THE LORD’S WORK AT HOME Sept 24 General $662, Organ $50. Mission Offerings were $647. Matching contributions for Organ Fund stand at $2638.16 (up to $5000 is available).

UPCOMING LWMS Fall Rally is next Sunday, noon luncheon.

SCHWAN’S CARES program (5% back to Church) runs out Oct 7th!

FALL FESTIVAL is scheduled for Oct 29th as well as our Reformation Worship celebration. Plan to come to both!