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PENTECOST 18                 Oct 8, 2017

Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church

Wisconsin Synod

Pastor Stephen Smith…682-1878    Sunday Service…9:30 a.m.

Church Telephone…682-4573    Sunday School…10:30 a.m.

Organists……….. Hymnsoftt

WELCOME, VISITORS: We are glad you could be with us and we welcome you back any time. Please sign our guest register in the narthex/entry.

PRAYER: Lord God, You call us to work in Your kingdom and leave no one standing idle. Help us to order our lives by Your wisdom and to serve You in willing obedience. Amen.

HYMNS: 387, 390, 379, 397 vs 1-2

ORDER OF SERVICE: Service of the Word, p 38ff



FIRST LESSON: Isaiah 55:6-9

God’s plan to save sinners is so lofty that natural man cannot comprehend it. It is a plan of pure mercy and free pardon. The only hope for sinners is to abandon their proud, self-righteous thoughts and receive God at His time and on His terms.

PSALM OF THE DAY: Psalm 27 on page 75

No matter what happens, we can be sure the Lord will help us.

SECOND LESSON: Philippians 1:18b-27

From prison, St. Paul speaks of the joyful tension in which a Christian lives. On the one hand, we long to be with Christ in heaven. On the other hand, we are happy to serve Christ on earth. May God give us courage and willingness to exalt our Savior in life and in death!

GOSPEL: Matthew 20:1-16

God’s kingdom comes to different people at different times. The reward is the same for all because it is a reward of grace, not personal accomplishment. Work in God’s Kingdom is the privilege of grace.

THE SERMON: Isaiah 55:6-9

THEME: Let God be God!




Today 12 Noon LWMS Fall Rally at St. Paul’s Montrose

Monday 7 PM Combined Committee Meeting

Tuesday 6:45 PM Ladies’ Fellowship

Wednesday 6:00 PM Confirmation Class

Friday Immanuel Volunteer day at Wise Penny

7:00 PM Choir




FOR THE LORD’S WORK AT HOME Oct 1 General $1636.00,

Salem Luth School $10, Organ Fund $872.10 Total Matching Contributions for Organ Fund $3510.26 (Match of $5000 available), Hurricane Relief $496.01, from Mission Festival Pork Chop $482.50.

UPCOMING Reformation Festival will be on Sunday, Nov 5th at4:30 PM at St. Croix LHS and also at MLC Oct 29th (See Poster), West LHS Annual Spaghetti Supper and Concert “A Sampling of American Music” is on Tuesday, Oct 17th, supper served from 6:00-7:15 PM, concert is at 7:30 PM.

CEMETERY Please remove flowers and decorations. Deadline is Oct 15th, but cemetery board will remove if not gone by end of month.

UPCOMING Quarterly Voters’ Meeting is scheduled for Nov 5 after our Worship Service. Wise Penny Annual Meeting is Oct 22 beginning at noon at West LHS.

FALL FAMILY FUN FESTIVAL is on Sunday, Oct 29th, Reformation Church Service at 9:30 AM including Sunday School children skit/songs and adult choir) 10:30 AM Sunday School/Adult Bible Study, Noon – 2 PM Free Sloppy Joe Lunch & Family Fun Activities.