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PENTECOST 3                 June 10, 2018

Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church

Wisconsin Synod

Pastor Stephen Smith…682-1878    Sunday Service…9:30 a.m.

Church Telephone…682-4573

Organists…………… Mrs. Karen Davis

WELCOME, VISITORS: We are glad you could be with us and we welcome you back any time. Please sign our guest register in the narthex/entry.

PRAYER: O God, the strength of all who trust in You, mercifully hear our prayers. Be gracious to us in our weakness and give us strength to keep Your commandments in all we say and do. Amen.

HYMNS: 474, 724 (s), 621, 302 (LAPPY)

ORDER OF SERVICE: Service of the Word p 38ff



FIRST LESSON: Genesis 3:8-15

Death, that is, a damning separation from God, is what Satan brings into the world, when man through his own fault believes him instead of the kind and generous Creator. But what is God’s response to the total wickedness of man? A promise, The Promise! Only the Promised Seed saves; only the promise itself restores the fallen from unbelief and death to faith and life. And the cause of it all? Grace, pure grace, nothing but grace.

PSALM FOR THE DAY: Psalm 51a on page 46(s)

In confession we recognize that our need is absolute, our merit nonexistent, and our only sure salvation the promise of grace in the Promised Seed.

SECOND LESSON: 2 Corinthians 4:13-18

Even after the mighty Word of grace has created faith, we still live in the world and with a sinful flesh; both bear witness to the destructive power of Satan and sin. Only God’s Word can give us the support and comfort we need.

GOSPEL: Mark 3:20-35

Jesus Christ alone is Savior. His own earthly family had misgivings about Him. The religious leaders actively opposed Him. He stayed to save. He continues with His Word to draw a family to Himself.

THE SERMON: John 8:31-32

THEME: Continuing in God’s Word




Today 10:30 AM Special Summer Bible Class

Monday 2 PM Bible Class at Lila’s

7:00 PM Combined Committee Meeting

Tuesday 9:00 AM MN District Convention begins

Thursday 12 Noon District Convention Concludes



SCHWAN 45-DAY FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN has been set up to benefit Immanuel which includes a match from Schwans for the first $100. See the information board on the table in the narthex or check with Julie Gutknecht for more information or help in placing orders. Our campaign ID # is 40065.

OUR 2018 ONE-DAY VBS, Build on the Rock, will be from 9 AM to 3 PM on Sat., July 14. To register, call Pastor or Julie Gutknecht. There are door-hanger invitations in the narthex. Help pass them out. Let Pastor know the area you are covering. Call Julie ASAP if you can help on the 14th.

CENTENNIAL (100TH Anniversary) Celebration of MN District is being held today. Originally there was a Minnesota Synod. On June 13th, 1918 130 confessional Lutherans gathered at Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Paul, MN, to establish the MN District of the Evangelical Lutheran Joint Synod of WI, MN, MI and other states.