Ladies Fellowship


The Bible contains many passages showing that women have very important roles in God’s world and in His church.  At Immanuel Lutheran, we have Ladies Fellowship, a women’s group that includes all female church members that have been confirmed. Ladies Fellowship meets the second Tuesday evening of each month. No dues are required. Ladies Fellowship receives money through donations and various activities/events.

The purpose of Ladies Fellowship is to follow the Lord’s direction by serving and encouraging one another, and sharing God’s word with others. The group blends ideas and talents from teens on up in mentoring sessions, Bible classes, field trips, helping people in our communities, serving refreshments at funerals, mailing informative/educational materials to families with small children, and many other activities.

If you are interested in participating in Ladies Fellowship you can either join us on the second Tuesday of the month or contact Karen Davis for additional information. Karen can be reached at 763-237-4908 or by email at