What to Expect

Worship service and activities:

Our Goal as we plan Immanuel’s worship services and activities is that the word of God remains central.

Our focus:

Through worship, child/adult Bible study programs and a variety of social activities, Immanuel points to Jesus, our friend and Savior.


Immanuel is readily accessible to all with elevator and ramp.


Immanuel will collect an offering during the worship service. This is an opportunity for our members to show their love for our Lord by supporting our ministry. Visitors are free to contribute if they so choose. If you do not wish to contribute simply pass the offering plate along when it reaches you.

What should I wear?:

A common question asked is “What should I wear?” Some of our members prefer to dress in a formal manner while others dress casually. We have no specific guidelines for how to dress other than that we practice simple decency and Christian humility.