Rules & Regulations


Immanuel’s Evangelical Lutheran Church cemetery is a church cemetery, not a public cemetery. The cemetery is open to the members of our congregation, immediate family members (spouse and dependent children)and those members who have purchased a lot and have since moved away but are still a member of a sister congregation (WELS or ELS).

I. Business:

  1. All business pertaining to the cemetery shall be conducted by the Cemetery Board of Directors.  The Board consists of a President, Secretary and Treasurer and is elected by the voting members of the congregation at the annual voters meeting.
  2. These rules and regulations can be amended or changed from time to time, if the congregation sees fit to do so, by a two thirds majority vote of the voting members at a quarterly meeting of the voting members.
  3. All monies received from the sale of lots shall be put into the cemetery fund and used for cemetery purposes only.
  4. Disbursements from the cemetery fund shall be made by order signed by the Cemetery Board President and Secretary.


II. Sale of Lots:

  1. The owner of an unused or vacant lot showing sufficient reason, either through removal or dissolution of this congregation, shall have a right to sell his lot back to the congregation only.
  2. The Board of Directors shall have the right to buy back lots, as set forth in Section II. A for the original purchase price.


III. Rules and Regulations:

  1. The Board of Directors shall see to it that the cemetery is kept clean and have the authority to ask the congregation for contributions toward the upkeep.
  2. No fence or curbing shall be allowed on any lot.
  3. No trees, bushes or shrubs shall be allowed on any lot or planted on the cemetery grounds.
  4. Only one marker will be allowed to a grave except for the addition of one veteran’s memorial marker.
  5. When placing an order for a marker, instruct the monument company to consult the President of the Cemetery Board before the marker is placed.
  6. All markers shall be of surface style, laid flat with the ground to permit lawn mowers to cross. Concrete platforms must be six inches on all sides of the marker and no concrete will be permitted to extend above ground.
  7. Location of where the marker is to be placed will be identified by a member of the Cemetery Board.
  8. Flowers, wreaths and appropriate veterans decorations will be allowed from May 1 through October 25.
  9. A Standard holder for decorations will be provided for each grave. Place all decorations in or on the holder.
  10. The Board of Directors reserves the right to remove any decorations that are not in compliance with these regulations.
  11. All watering must be done manually.


IV. Price

Please contact a member of the Cemetery Board of Directors for the current price of a cemetery lot.